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As we continue to grow our culture and education of Social Media in the Washington DC area, for those of you looking to obtain a career we are here to help.

Recently we were tipped off about a new site that does combined searches on job postings. This is an excerpt from their site below:

Web 2.0/social media sites specializing in job searches or job postings use social media to list online job postings and other related items. Such sites could use items such as user generated content (UGC) and other mechanisms as the avenue for informational exchange.

The tool descriptions below were provided by the tool vendors. Descriptions do not reflect the opinions of the Department of Labor or any of its grantees or contractors. CareerOneStop is not responsible for ensuring the content provided by the tool vendors is complete or entirely factual. These tools were recommended by the public and the Department of Labor does not formally endorse any online job tool.

Search and learn more at careeronestop.


  1. Can you put the WordPress subscription widget on the blog? Go to your blog dashboard, click Appearance, then click Widgets, then Blog Subscription, and add it to your sidebar. That way we can all get email updates when you post on the blog. Will greatly increase your stats! Thanks so much!

  2. Oh and you can fix your time setting by going into settings and enter – 5 hours. That will give the correct Washington, DC time on your comments :)

  3. Mary, both have been fixed. Sorry we didn’t have the blog subscriptions up before.

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