Exclusive: Obama to Hire Presidential Pinterest Team

presidential pinterest

The White House is no stranger to social media, and now President Obama is seeking to pin down a new network and a related team.

Under the guise of a user called Not The President, the president has been secretly pinning cool things he likes, as well things for the “house that is not white.” A source, close to the matter has stated that they spoke with the president, and he has come to find so many inspired people posting so many fantastic ideas it was hard to resist. As a result the president has also decided that he will now be forming a Presidential Pinterest team that will solely focus on posting inspiring things that can help stimulate the economy.

“On Mondays we will be posting cute animal images, like kittens, to increase initial happiness into the work week,” stated the source. “After that we will feature some great community projects, random images of people shaking hands, quotes from Barney Stinson, and possibly more images of cute animals.”

The source went on to say that Pinterest is still a growing network, making it even more important to finally achieve a follower number greater than Lady Gaga. According to the source the Presidential Pinterest Team will not hold back on their war with Lady Gaga’s social presence.

To gain early access and more information to the Presidential Pinterest Team, fill out this form.



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