DC’s Top 5 Twitter Influencers – Based on Science!

Over the past two years the Social Media Club has been secretly compiling data on area Twitter users, and today we are to highlight the top five influencers. In the past week we have heard some rumors of a top 10 list of some area influencers that have confused quite a few people, so we have developed a proper list. Please keep in mind this is based purely on science, and in no way shape or form has any opinion associated with it. So there will be no horse muffins, bull shirts and malarkey of any kind.

Number One: Rachael King

The ultimate influencer in the DC area is none other than the Washington DC Social Media Club chapter President, Rachael King! Even when she is sleeping, she is actually mentally influencing each of you on what you will tweet the next day. Think Freddy Krueger, but nicer and lacking the metal blades on her hands.

You can find her @rachaelgking

Number Two: Dr. Mark Drapeau 

The one and only Mr. Geek! Mark works for Microsoft or something, but is often spotted in DC being awesome with two beautiful ladies on each arm. Don’t let that fool you though, Mark is a hard worker. He always responds with in the first 23 hours, the 24 hour is always spent  responding to top innovative company lists and asking why Microsoft is not listed.

You can find him @cheeky_geeky

Number Three: Valorie (we don’t know your last name)

Valorie just attended our March event, and had some really nice things to say about SMCDC in her latest blog post. It has been said that she can predict the WMATA metro schedule, without even looking for the blinking lights for when a train is about to approach. Remember, Valorie was picked based on science, and not because she wrote a blog post about how freaking awesome we are.

You can find her @simplyvalorie

Number Four: A Banana

That’s right, a banana. Whether you knew it or not, but some of the most powerful twitter accounts in the DC area are actually controlled by a single banana. Fear the banana.

The banana controls just a few of these accounts: @NASA - @BarackObama – @corbett3000 – @carlpierre – @JackInacker – @TheJournalizer – and many more

Number Five: Rachael King, again!

Some reason she has achieved such an influential status in the DC area that our super secret science based algorithm has shown that she is twice as powerful than anyone else on Twitter, in the DC area.

Concluding Thoughts and Our Methods

At the end of the day we all know who the true DC Twitter influencers are and it is you. Each of you participate, interact, and communicate with one another. For each account that has more than 4,000 followers there are hundreds of incredibly social people changing our opinions, increasing our awareness on recent events, and providing great conversation. Except for this guy, he is clearly just pure awesome. Please keep in mind this list was built completely through a scientific algorithm, but if you have a dispute please direct them to banana@socialmediaclubdc.org (this account may or may not exist).

- Sincerely, The Banana.

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