When Sports and Social Media Collide, A SMCDC Touchdown

When it comes to sports, social media is not usually the first thing one may think of or how it relates to each game; however, at our September panel hosted by AT&T, our guests proved just how important it is. Engaging with fans, new ways to cheer for your team…. making sure players don’t tweet things they may get fined for; it’s all part of managing social accounts for the sports world.

Thanks to three other blogs, there are already some great recaps of what was said. With that said, we highly encourage you to check out their posts:

  1. Sports panel recap on the Guest of a Guest blog
  2. Talking Sports and Technology In Our Nation’s Capital on the sporttechie blog
  3. SMCDC PANEL REVIEW: Discussion on Sports and Social Media on Mark Wysocki’s blog
  4. Data: SMCDC Sports Event Hits it Out of the Park on my blog (EV)

Behold our recap, Twitter style (not as cool as Gangnam Style):








To get a look inside the event, check out digital team’s Mykl’s photo gallery on Facebook and find him on Twitter @ChezWu. Also be sure to tag yourselves if you have not already.

During our event at Dirty Bar our freshly brewed team also made their debut. We will soon be introducing our new team members with a video interview series, and expanding the current ones we do with the public. Stay tuned for more, there are many new things coming your way from the DC Social Media Club.

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