Getting Social With Your Favorite Shows [October Recap]

After a long day of work, a dozen conversations on Twitter, a few cat pictures on Facebook, and still forgetting Google+ exists many of us sit down in front of the TV. Some of us watch the news, others watch Mike Rowe jump in mud pits, or if you are like some of my fellow SMCDC team mates you watch Pretty Little Liars (I have no idea what that is).

Regardless of your choice in show, one thing you will likely find is a social media component. Some have dedicated hashtags bugs sitting in the corner throughout the program, others may wait until a commercial, or maybe they just helped create a custom sticker on GetGlue. Whatever the methodology, it’s hard to ignore that our favorite shows and news broadcasts are being influenced by social media (I’m looking at you, lazy broadcast journalists).

With this in mind we gathered some of the finest DC minds on the subject of social TV for our October event, and there was a great deal of information to be consumed. Though yes, we did have a bit of an audio problem and I was having to hold up a speaker, what came from New Media Strategies’ Jason Runyan (@JasonRunyan), Travel Channel’s Nisha Chittal (@NishaChittal), and Weber Shandwick’s Jackie Titus (@JTitus) was fantastic. Also our moderator and SMCDC digital team member, Lacy Baugher (@LacyMB) of WETA did a great job driving the discussion. What you will see below are just a few of the interesting points that came from our #SMCTV event.

What show do you think does #SMCTV the best? Tweet us with the hashtags or tell us in the comments. We may even convince our actors to do another filming.

Also for those who may have missed our promotional Social TV campaign, check out our recreation of a scene from Mad Men, and a new take on the terribly cheesy caffeine addiction scene from Saved by the Bell. Of course we also included our own #SMCTV contest to try our hand at social TV, and it booster our viewership quite a bit in comparison to our videos in the past.

We would also like to thank CoCo Sala for hosting our event space and Treater.

Stay tuned for our next event coming up on November 7, when we will discuss What Associations and Non-Profits Can Learn from Election 2012 for DC Week. Please keep in mind that due to Thanksgiving we will not have our regularly scheduled third Wednesday event; however, our annual holiday party will make up for it as usual.

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