Green Gift Monday: Same Awesome Deals, Less Headaches Than Black Friday #GGM2011

Thanksgiving is over and that means you will soon be setting up your Christmas trees, dusting off your Festivus pole, or perhaps pulling year old wax out of your menorah for hanukiah. But before all the fun and games that come with the holiday season comes the stress of buying everyone a gift. Though Black Friday (November 25) is said to be the busiest shopping day of the year there are those of us who refuse to go anywhere near a mall, and thus partake in Cyber Monday.

While Cyber Monday may be home to some excellent deals online that can come in the form of free shipping, discounted items, or maybe even a Woot-Off; however, The Nature Conservancy (@nature_org) has some additional ideas on how you can also stay green rather than sending triple gift wrapped items.

“Giving green is not just about the gift itself, but how you deliver it. I love this statistic, according to the Clean Air Council, an additional 5 million tons of waste is generated during the holidays, 4 million tons of which is wrapping paper and shopping bags,” said Amy Ganderson, the Associate Director of Digital Marketing of The Nature Conservancy. ”So remember to use alternative wrapping options like old newspaper or magazines when packaging up your gifts.”

So what are a few examples of green gifts you can give to you fellow social media geeks this season? Ganderson suggests, “a recycled ipad cover, ebooks, a donation to his/her favorite organization, and don’t forget e-cards. E-cards are a quick way to send a little holiday cheer to your social circle.”

Amy is onto something here with e-cards. Especially when it is so easy to integrate some unsuspecting Social Media Club DC team members into a singing card.

So why exactly should you consider participating in Green Gift Monday instead of Black Friday? Not only are you avoiding the long lines or getting trampled by a stamped of deal hungry customers, but it’s clearly better for the environment. “There’s a big debate about which holiday has a smaller carbon footprint. According to the research I’ve read, clicking away on Cyber Monday has a lighter carbon footprint than trekking to the shopping mall on Black Friday,” said Ganderson.

Ganderson concluded by stating how you can not only pledge to go green this season, but join the green team by using their hashtag.

“As you’re putting together your shopping list, think twice and challenge yourself on how you can give responsibly this holiday season. If you do even one thing – like bake cookies for a friend or change how you package your gifts – please sign the Green Gift Monday pledge. This means you’ve changed your behavior and you should be proud of your accomplishments! Also, don’t forget to inspire your friends and share the Green Gift Monday message by using the hashtag #GGM2011.”



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