Social Media Club DC Job Board Terms of Service

To request a job to be posted on the Social Media Club DC Job Board, it must complete the following requirements:

  1. The job must be in some way related to social media or technology (Example: Developer? Yes. Secret Agent Man? Probably not)
  2. The position must be located within an 80 mile radius or so of the DC area. Jobs will be broken down by DC, Virginia, and Maryland
  3. You must have a point of contact listed so that interested parties can reach out to you. Twitter or social account would be ideal

Questions? Shoot us a message on Twitter @smcdc or email us at It is 100% free to post your jobs on our site, which is why we are enforcing a bit of quality control. Unless you state otherwise, jobs will only be listed for two weeks and then removed.

- SMC-DC Digital Team

Job Listing Template

If your position fulfills these requirements send us an email ( containing the following information:

Position: _________________

Point of Contact: ___________

Salary range: ______________

Company: ________________

Starting date: ______________

Type: ____________________

Requirements: _____________

Also make sure you provide us an email where you want their resume to be sent through our system, or provide us a link to your post as long as it includes the required information.

In the future we may offer special or featured job listings for our partners and sponsors, and if you are interested please reach out so that the digital team can connect you with the proper committee members.